Primeiras impressões
Ouvi dizer que as paredes têm ouvidos
Se ficares aqui dou-te um abraço
Dou festas porque quero festas
Fora de mim / não olhes para mim
Por fim
Marco-te com a minha marca
Perdida em mim
Marco-te com a tua marca / Ti Marchio con tuo Marchio
Marco-te com a tua marca / Ti Marchio con tuo Marchio
Site specific

Rute Rosas is a young Portuguese artist working in a variety of media and seeking to bring a multiplicity of sensory experience to the visitor, in a game intent upon revealing the ambiguities in our perceptions. Her point of departure is the shared nature of heterogeneous experiences, - smells, sounds, touch, - in most cases intimate, and different emotional states. She begins with herself, from her own body, her voice, from her sensations, which she seeks to contextualise, and transform into visible codes, which can be shared with her public. Certain particular emotions referring to the artist’s private life become expanded with-in an exhibition space, and are offered to patrons who, placed in conditions of comfort and relaxation, are stimu-lated into an exchange of feelings, to an interaction with experiences that may also provoke an individual compari-son. For the Quattro Venti’ project, Rute Rosas has creat-ed a project entitled Marco-te com a tua marca (1 mark you with your mark). This project foresees a performance lasting some days, on the streets of Manciano, and an installation linked to it, placed in the ex-public baths. Once more, the underlying idea refers to a personal ele-ment, the sun, tattooed on her arm, a distinctive sign of the artist which may at the same time, act as a generalized symbol. In Tuscany, the and of sunflowers, Rute Rosas has combined her’ sun, her sign, with a symbol peculiar to Manciano - the open hand, which stops the traveler to communicate that there is no better place to stay. The artist has found evidence of the hand on many historical buildings, and has studied their significance and used them. Her personal story thus becomes interwoven with that of Manciano in the elaboration of a new symbol containing both - which can be shared with visitors - the trav-elers’ in the territory. The new symbols, in the form of an adhesive sticker, is distributed by Rute Rosas from her Vespa to the local inhabitants who are persuaded to affix them to their own transportation. A recording of a meet-ing between the artist and the locals is available in a pub-lic space - the ex-public baths of the city, personally pre-pared by the artist. In a serene padded and softened atmosphere, the public is invited to make themselves comfortable on a divan-cloud in order to share the experi-ences of Rute Rosas in the locality.

LETIZIA REGAGLIA comissária do projecto artístico Quattro Venti